25 August 2011

Biggest (Fat) loser – Low Carb vs. Low Calorie edition

A lot has been going on and I promise to catch you up. This post is more about what’s going on with my fitness/diet for the next 90 days. No, I haven’t decided on a specific workout program… I started dating again, as you know. But you may or may not know that I’m now dating a super awesome guy named Ken. Here’s a picture of us at a wedding last weekend.

Stand back celebrities - check out the new hottest couple around!

The problem was that once we met, we put both of our diets aside. While we had tons of fun and enjoyed normally forbidden foods – we both also gained weight. Ugh. I don’t think this was inevitable, but I wouldn’t go back and change anything either. (Just to let you know, my hands have been very healthy – Ken is very mindful of me eating gluten free. I haven’t cheated on that part.)

He has also lost a lot of weight in the past, but his was through low-fat means. I have talked to him about what I know about low-carb and he tried it for a bit. But nothing much happened. We didn’t go into details of his diet or whatever. I will say that I think you need to read the book of the plan you are going to do before attempting it (or while attempting it). He still thinks low fat is the way to go. I completely disagree. We’ve agreed to disagree.
Then, we decided to make our weight loss a competition. Ken is going the low-fat, high exercise route. I’m doing low-carb, gluten free with about 40 minutes or less of exercise (kettlebells, HIIT, or tabatas) a day. I’m working on weaning myself off dairy. Goats milk seems to agree with me more. I’ll post more information about the actual diet part of my routine later as time goes on. 

As of last night I weighed 203.4. That dress in the picture above is an 8/10. I could tell I was gaining weight by looking at my chin disappearing again. (I have been told many times I don’t look like my weight, which I appreciate.) As of last night Ken weighs 282. He would like to lose 80 lbs. I would like to lose 73.4. We also took inches so we wouldn’t get discouraged later if we didn’t lose a lot of weight one week. 

We’re not sure of the prizes yet. (Let me know some suggestions!!) But the best part is that we’re doing it together – and being completely supportive. I dislike dirty competitions where one person tries to sabotage the other. In the end we’re both winning because we’re both getting healthy.  We do plan on running a few 5ks. These are mostly to mark the different months, but also to show ourselves how much of a difference we’ve made in our fitness levels. At the very end we’ve agreed to do a day at the spa – and just in time for Thanksgiving. By that time everything should be routine and we won’t have to worry so much about the holidays (I never do, but that’s another post).
My first day update: 
Today was rough sailing. I feel really sick, and I have a headache. I did have a craving for chocolate ½ way through the day. I squashed that with some L-Glutamine. I fully expect Ken to win this week because of my hormone fluctuations, but also because I’m adjusting to ketosis so it’ll take a few days. I will workout tomorrow.  That should push me into ketosis quicker. Also, tonight I’m really wishing for some chips, so instead I’ll have to make jalapeno poppers and have my fill. But tonight? Lots of sleep and some vitamins. Poppers can wait until tomorrow.


  1. The prize could be that he takes you on a cruise. The one that Jimmy Moore is going on next year. If he wins you can take him on the cruise.

  2. You make me sound so evil. I didn't say one was better than the other. I just know what works for me. I have great confidence that we will both succeed.

  3. Cuteness! It's so fun that you both are motivating each other... as for a prize hmm... I like the cruise idea above, but maybe that's out of your price range, I don't know! (It would be out of mine fo sho!) Maybe he can come with you when you visit your sis in Japan?? Hehe.

    Keep keep keeeeeep writing. I do so enjoy your posts!