03 July 2011

Day 3...

Every July first I go back to the induction portion of Atkins – or at least cut my carb intake way down –until the 15th. It’s something I actually look forward to. I eat all the foods I love and really try to take care of myself. I try to get more sleep, make sure I take my vitamins, and I also make sure to do an at-home spa day at least once. I work out a little harder than I did and get myself back on track. I also find myself cleaning the house more during that time.

This year it was about 2 days of a massive headache. I didn’t think my carb levels were high, but I guess I was wrong. I really dislike taking medicine of any kind, but I was reaching for some OTC headache stuff yesterday. Extra sleep helped. I have had breakfasts of sunny side up eggs, plenty of bacon, steak, mushrooms, salads.

I went to the farmer’s market and got livers!! Yes, you can be disgusted – but I like pate. I will be making a pizza crust tonight for tomorrow. (Recipe from my lovely friend Jamie aka Carbarella at Your Lighter Side) and jalapeno poppers tonight. I plan on making stock, making my own sausage (most commercial sausage has gluten in it so read labels people!!), a low-carb lasagna with eggplant rather than noodles, and some lacto-fermented salsa for later. Those aren't going to be done tonight though.

I read in a magazine (so I don’t know how credible it was) that there was a study that showed people who did 30 seconds of sprints with 4 minutes of rest (and cycled for 4 – 6 times) four days a week lost double the body fat than those who did chronic cardio of (either 30 or 60 minutes) four days a week. I am aware that intervals are always better than sustained activity. I would like to see what the longer rest period does. So, I’m attempting that with kettlebell swings to see how it goes. I picked kettlebell swings because I didn’t want the weather to be a factor in completing the workouts. I can do those in the comfort of my own house. I just started today so I’ll let you know the results in about a month. I’ll also try to find the source so I can read the study and site it with the blog post.

In more exercise news my slow-burn trainer, Wayne, left the gym I was going to. I have mixed feelings about it. I’m glad my contract was over since he was leaving. I’m glad that he’s moving on to do something he wants. I’m sad that I don’t get to see him on Saturdays and work out/talk his ear off. I have a tendency to be overzealous (yes! hard to believe. /sarcasm) with my workouts so I was concerned that I would either stop working out all together – or hurt myself. It went to the more stop working out thing. It was nice to take some time off, but I felt icky. So I started working out again so I could stop feeling icky. That worked. Wayne said he would be offering in home training later this fall, and I will probably take him up on the offer. Until then I’m on my own for a bit.

Otherwise, the house moving/unpacking is still on going. I’ll be done with school in a year… Ok, well, done with the first phase; then on to my masters. I’m trying to simplify things in the house/my life. That’s going to be a slow process because of all the unpacking – both with the house and my personal life. And I’m going out more – and not just with friends or by myself. Yes, gentlemen callers have been taking me in public! I considered starting another blog about my single life and weird experiences that I’ve had. Maybe give advice or something as I go. I’ve always thought I was odd possibly bordering on eccentric, but I can confidently say there are some really strange people out there. I know this because I've had the pleasure of meeting or talking to them. For the most part I’ve decided not to write about it. You know, protect the (not-so) innocent or whatever. You would find it laughably entertaining, I do promise that much. At least I’ve had a good attitude about it and I have yet to take anything (too) personally.

Sometimes I’m not sure how much of my life to share with others on this, or any blog. Eventually I’ll find a nice balance.

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