13 September 2010

Awesome Chili

So I will give you two recipes for this chili. One is the basic family recipe (unadulterated) and then the next one is the recipe I came up with when looking over a recipe for “Chipotle Chili Cheese Dogs.”

This first recipe is one of the very basic recipes I learned to make at my parent’s house. It’s one of the staples that we made because it’s super fast and easy. The leftovers taste good the next day, and they’re not too bad on a hotdog. (Or with a cut up hot dog and some cheese…) Oh, and this is not low in carbs – so watch out.

My family chili

1 packet of Mccormick chili seasoning
1 can of kidney beans, rinsed off really well
1 onion, finely chopped
1 – 2 lbs of ground beef (I would get the highest amount of lean meat you can find. Toxins in animals and humans store in fat. So you don’t want fat from supermarket animals. If you buy an animal from a grassfed farm – get the fat. It definitely makes it tasty.)
1 jar/can of tomato juice (I started using V8).

Brown the meat and cook the onions in a pot. I dump the oil out after the meat is browned. Then put the packet of chili seasoning so it mixes with the beef. Then put the beans and the tomato juice in the pot. Heat until the beans are warm enough to eat. We served it with saltine crackers and cheese.

And that’s one of the foods I grew up on. (memories...) :D

That’s something we eat at our house. Except I tweaked it a bit to fit the way we eat now. We don’t eat beans anymore. They’re too hard on the digestive system and they have a natural barrier to them that is hard to penetrate to get the nutrients out. I have noticed that we all feel differently now that we don't eat legumes. Basically it's just not worth it to me. I also changed to V8 from tomato juice. Ok, so then it’s a soupy boring thing because there are no beans…

So then yesterday I make the best chili I’ve made.

The Best Chili. Ever.

5 strips bacon, cut into tiny stripes
½ an onion, finely chopped
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin (this is what makes it smell like the coney sauce in MI)
1 can of mild Rotel (I used mild because Reece doesn’t like spicy food)
1 can of V8 juice
2 lbs of beef (97% lean)
Salt, to taste
2 packets of McCormick chili seasoning

Fry up bacon and onion together. I sprinkled some of the cumin over the onion and bacon at this time. Set the bacon and onion with the greese aside. Brown the beef and pour out the fat. Then add the bacon and onion with the greese back in. Add the salt, chili powder, seasoning, and cumin in. Stir it up, Pour in the can of Rotel. Then pour in the V8. Heat through. Serve with shredded cheese.

*Next time I’ll try a tsp of coaco powder

Derek said this was the best chili he’s had in a while. I thought it was pretty awesome, too. Little man was unimpressed at first. Then he decided he loves it. It doesn't take much to impress that kid, though. This is not super low in carbs, but I've been able to eat large quantities of this and still lose.


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